Photographer: Georgi Manolev / Model: Mira Koteva

The car alarm breaks the deafening silence in the stuffy room. It’s dark. Quiet. I am lying on the sofa in my boyfriend’s apartment, writing. Listening. Listening to the piercing sound of a car alarm in the distance and the heavy breathing coming from the other room. Darkness. All around me. And inside me. There is darkness everywhere. I feel as if I am covered in a soft blanket of grief. Grief for dreams that die. Invisibility. Here I am. Doing so much and nothing at the same time…

Have you ever felt like all of your effort just goes…

Image Source: Pixabay

Ah, procrastination. The invisible gap between thinkers and doers.

My take on it is that people procrastinate because of different reasons. I am not “all people” to list all of them, nor am I a psychologist, so this article will not present you with definitions on procrastination or psychologically proven ways to deal with it.

It is, however, going to share one way, which might work for you. I have come up with something on my own and cannot explain the science behind it. Neither can I promise its effect on you. But it is undeniable that it works for…

Charming as they are, the greatest composers in the world become even more irresistible when we realise that they were also really interesting people! Well, having said that, not all of their peculiarities were necessary likeable but chances are they were very much needed for them to be able to function in their society. In the first part of this article, we talked about Mozart’s possible obsessive-compulsive disorder and scatological jokes, Beethoven’s temper and Bach’s obsession with coffee and his time in prison. Today we are moving onto another composition of peculiar facts.

George Frideric Handel

Hot. Steamy. Delicious. No. I am not talking about my new boyfriend but about one of my best friends, who is always there for me and keeps me company every morning whilst I browse through Medium in search for interesting content — my daily refreshing cup of coffee. But as it turns out, it not only wakes up my senses, comforts me and uplifts me to let me know that I’ve got this and a beautiful day is upon me. No, that is only the beginning. The benefits a cup of coffee provides spread much wider than that. …

Yes, they are geniuses. No doubt in that. It is a well-known fact, however, that genius and peculiarity often go hand in hand. And whilst the music immediately recognised by billions of people all around the world and from all walks of life is deemed perfect, it’s creators were most certainly not. It is a fact, however, that it is their quirks that spark our interest in our attempts to understand more about their life, centuries after they’ve gone and to discover their human side — the ingredient that makes their perfection so special and unobtainable.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mira Koteva

Art. Interesting facts. Amazing people. Inspiration. Self-development. Love. Join me on a journey to rediscover the things that really matter!

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